Project Topic Areas


How might one re-evaluate living spaces on campus to increase safety during COVID?

Areas that could be addressed:

  • What are some ways we can prevent/reduce the spread of the virus within a dense living space?
  • How might you rapidly disinfect a living space to prevent the spread of the virus?
  • How can we create study spaces that allow for social distancing and yet still allow students to learn together?
  • How can we educate and equip our off-campus students to follow best health practices?


How might one re-evaluate the transportation system so that we can safely transport students between campuses at a lower density?

Areas that could be addressed:

  • How can we reanalyze the transportation system so that we can safely shuttle students between campuses without putting them at risk of spreading infection?
  • How can we reconsider the interior spaces of buses to make it easier to prevent the spread of the virus?
  • How can we restructure bus stops to promote social distancing while waiting for a bus?

Food Insecurity

Students need a safe way to acquire healthy affordable food while still social distancing.

Areas that could be addressed:

  • How might we limit the number of students who are going to grocery stores in order to reduce population density?
  • Some organizations have started neighborhood grocery shopping services/carpooling for grocery shopping. How can we facilitate something like this at the University?
  • How do you sustainably serve a large number of students, while keeping students and dining hall workers healthy?
  • If meals are carried out, most of the items get thrown out. How do we maintain food safety during this time while also being sustainable?

Co-curricular Activities 

How can we help student organizations and other co-curricular activities take place while still maintaining public health guidelines like social distancing?

Areas that could be addressed:

  • How might we recruit students to organizations?
  • How could we engage in student org activities while social distancing, such as project building, outreach, performances, social gatherings, professional development opportunities, etc?
  • How might we facilitate interactions between peers within classes if they are online?
  • How can we facilitate interactions between students, especially volunteer groups, and the Ann Arbor community while maintaining COVID guidelines?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

How can we mitigate the effect of COVID-19 on students who might be disproportionately impacted by it?

Areas that could be addressed:

  • How can we make our educational experience equitable and inclusive for all so that no student is at an unfair disadvantage solely because of the environment they are in? 
  • How do we help students who may be more at risk of getting sick stay safe and have a good educational experience?
  • What are some ways we can support first-year students and first-generation college students during this time?
  • How can we help those that are experiencing discrimination, such as our Asian-American communities, due to this virus?
  • How can we help increase equitable access to technology for all members of our community?

Mental Health

How can we mitigate the effect that COVID-19 has on the mental health of students?

Areas that could be addressed:

  • How could we increase access to virtual mental health resources?
  • What are going to be the major root causes of any mental health issues among the student population and how can we target them?
  • How could we effectively connect students with mental health resources outside of Ann Arbor?